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Things to do in Frankfurt

Top 10 Sightseeing Spots in Frankfurt

1. The Catholic Dome Saint Bartholomew

The Catholic Dome Saint Bartholomew belongs to the time of the German Emperors. Kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected in this church and the Roman-German Emperor was crowned here. It is a Gothic building, which was constructed in the 14th centuries.

Today you find in front of the Dome the archaeological site of roman and Carolingian history.

2. The Town Hall Frankfurt “Römer”

The Town Hall Frankfurt, the Römer (Roman) is situated at the Römerberg (city hall square). It became city hall of the town in the 14th century . In the upper floor, there is the Emperor's Hall (Kaisersaal) where the newly crowned emperors held their banquets.

Today the town celebrates at the balcony of the town hall, together with the fans of the football clubs of Frankfurt their victories.

3. Church of Nicolai

The Gothic Church of Nicolai presents the only church of medieval times. The church builds an entity with the traditional buildings of the eastern side of the square. The old glockenspiel is beautiful and it sounds three times per day.

4. St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church is a national historic monument in Germany with great political symbolism, because it was the seat of the first democratically elected Parliament in 1848. It was established in 1789 as a Protestant church.

Today people enjoy the vivid atmosphere of coffee bars at the square in front of the church.

5. Neue Kräme

The Neue Kräme is situated between Römerberg and Liebfrauenberg. Here you will find the Liebfrauenkirche or Church of Our Lady, which was erected at the beginning of the 14th century, thanks to public funding, with the beautiful fountain of our Lady.The base of the church tower constitutes part of an old fortified tower.

One of Frankfurt's least known and yet most significant works of art is situated on the south side of the church, Madern Gerthener's tympanum.

6. House of Goethe's birth

In the western part of the old city is located the house of Goethe’s birth, most famous son of the town. He spent much of his early life here, writing such literary works as "The Sorrows of Young Werther" and the beginnings of "Faust" Here you find the Goethe Museum and the picture gallery of Goethe’s time. It is also cultural event location.

7. Museums Riverbank

The area on both sides of the River Main in the old part of the city centre and in Sachsenhausen on the other side is known as Museumsufer, the Museums Riverbank. 13 of the museums in Frankfurt are located there include:
  • museums of international reputation such as the Städel
  • one of the most famous museums in Germany, the German Film Museum
  • The German Museum of Architecture
  • Museum of Kommunikation
  • Museum of Applied Arts (Museum für angewandte Kunst, MAK)
  • The Liebieghaus, Museum of Sculpture

The street Schaumainkai is partially closed to traffic on Saturdays for Frankfurt’s largest flea market.

8. Höchst Porcelain Manufactory

The time-honored Höchst Porcelain Manufactory is a special place for visitors. They reveal for interested visitors the secrets of porcelain and offer the possibility to experience the creation of the White Gold close in the Adventure-Manufactory.

9. Gardens of Nice

Visitors appreciating the green side of the town will take a relaxing stroll down to the majestic River Main and pay a visit to the Gardens of Nice, brimful with all forms of Mediterranean flora.

The Main metropolis is actually well known for its many beautiful parks and gardens, but the most impressing garden the visitor will find with the popular Palmengarten, the city’s botanical gardens, impresses with plant life from all across the globe.

10. The Frankfurt Opera

The Frankfurt Opera is a leading opera company in Germany and one of the most important opera houses in Europe. It was elected "Opera House of the Year" by German magazine Opernwelt in 1995 and 2003. Frankfurt´s citizenry originally donated over 480,000 gold marks for its construction. The final construction costs amounted to over five million gold marks. Kaiser Wilhelm I inaugurated the opera house on 20 October 1880. After World World II, its remains were for many years popularly known as "Germany´s most beautiful ruins".

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